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At Remake we hear time and time again that our fast growing community wants to shop sustainably, but they don’t know where to begin. The research process is daunting. It can be time-consuming and confusing, especially given the proliferation of sustainable labels: organic, sustainable materials, fair trade. Not to mention, many brands are co-opting all the interest in sustainability to greenwash, so you’re never really certain who you can trust.

Fear not, Remakers. We’ve got you. Our Seal of Approval — built with input from Human Rights, Climate, Water, and Waste experts—evaluates the data fashion brands publicly disclose. We give our seal to brands who are not just doing less harm, but striving to do more good.

The Remake assessment tool was created 5 years ago and given how much has changed this year with the pandemic, our board is interested in us integrating our PayUp Fashion actions into our tool. Given this mandate we are currently doing a summer review and refresh of our assessment process with the plan to update all our brand ratings in time for our 2021 Transparency Report with an increased focus on degrowth, living wages and binding agreements to keep workers safe. As such, we are currently holding all new brand vetting/ Brand Directory additions until we have fully updated the criteria sheet.

The climate crisis is here. The pandemic’s ravaging impact on fashion workers has pulled back the veil on inequalities at the heart of fashion. The industry’s systemic racism has come more sharply into focus. Moreover, our understanding of sustainability, planetary limits and intersectional approaches to social change have reached new heights. 

For these reasons and more, it’s time to raise the bar on fashion. It’s clear that fashion needs radically different business models and new modes of thinking. As a non-profit that takes no money from brands, we believe the kind of third-party accountability represented in this directory is absolutely critical to changing the conversation and pushing the industry into new and transformative territory.

While many fashion companies, responding to consumer pressure and the ecological crisis, are doing more to lessen their environmental impact, climate change is here, and the IPCC has sounded a “code red” for humanity. Furthermore, the Black Lives Matter movement exposed the persistence of racism at the heart of our society, including in the fashion industry. The #PayUp campaign confirmed that brands are continuing to exploit garment workers as a standard practice.

Our assessment criteria has raised the bar of accountability for brands. The days of oversold brand commitments set far out into a future that never arrives are over. Fashion companies, especially the corporate giants who control the industry, must make transformative change now. 

Our brand directory seeks to measure companies based on the true complexity and intersectionality of the social, environmental, economic and political issues embedded in fashion supply chains. We score brands based on what they are doing, not what they say they should do, what they’re going to do, or what they did once.

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